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Generally speaking, production companies do not provide advice on strategy. They simply produce images in line with the road book provided. If the customer does not yet have a script, strategic position or precise idea about the content of the film, he/she then goes to a specialist agency for expert advice. As they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, and if this sends production costs soaring, well so be it…you should have thought of that earlier, shouldn’t you!

Doesn’t this sound like something from another century, another era? Sadly, we still hear this kind of thing today. And so, we decided that: “…if we want our films to be successful and on budget, we must channel all our skills into making the end result as optimal as possible; and this all starts with pre-production”. And eureka, there we were with a founder specialised in brand strategy, an economist, and so on… We’re off to a good start, aren’t we! Toscane Prod treats each pre-production film project with the same tender, loving care and attention, be it an advert or a documentary; we respect the trust our customers place in us.

From strategic plans to casting and up to the day of production, absolutely nothing is left to chance. Toscane Prod knows the secret; thorough upstream preparation releases the magic of effervescence on the day.


Post production is technical. Codes, mastering software, encryption with kid gloves… perfect control of process; sound, image to be transformed, enhanced, rushes to be boosted, or not. And the icing on the cake, a sprinkle of magic powder to polish it all off. At this stage in the process, if we want to succeed, we have to play by the rules, there is no place for improvisation. This may well be, but at Toscane Prod, we believe in letting ourselves go.

We are over-demanding of our friendly magician; inspired and yet respectful of the rules, our magician does not just know how to read but must also know how to predict.

Feeling the emotion behind the image and enhancing the script; firmly convinced that elegance is something money can’t buy.

In short, a fully-fledged creator, skilfully surfing on a carefully established and subtle wave of effervescence.

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Without borders

One might well think that it’s all just a question of complex logistics, learned staff and big bucks…Mastered images, certified codes, administrative standards and so on…the ruthless logic of a mundane project.

No emotions here, no handheld or thigh-balanced RED cameras, perched on a rooftop in the middle of the night…how much must that cost! No joyous kids, who want to forget all that they have learnt in school, and adventure forth into unchartered waters…

I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen, if this is what you’re looking for, then Toscane Prod is not for you. Toscane is at the age of dreams without borders, just like its team of 18 to 30-year old filmmakers. The young whippersnappers may have the same logistics that one finds in the largest, most prestigious production companies at their disposal, but they do not, or almost not, let this cramp their style.

Indeed, it is in their passion for what they do that they find the inner energy to go further, and further still… Most film production companies lease material when needed, but at Toscane, the material is always on hand…

Consequently, every day is a new struggle to do better and to go further. Boundless energy, lovingly coached by rigorous supervision, ruthlessly attached to the DNA of the Toscane Prod hallmark. Inimitable style, ultra-premium images and limitless determination… Toscane Prod, the effervescence of creation at the service of disruptive image.


For many reasons, we prefer effervescence to the ephemeral. The first and most important reason is that we deeply believe in that little light which brings memories flooding back: a catchy tune, a flashback memory, or a special moment. We know that nothing lasts and that everything is immediate, rapid and discontinued. And all the while, we remain wholly conscious that no one is able to master their unconscious self. For all these reasons, we continue to believe that quality incorporates time, and that although it is not a guarantee of success, it is vital for survival. We believe in the positive energy of sincere, natural creation. We do sometimes find ourselves up against bluff sold as method, but we simply turn our heads and look the other way, as we move on, peacefully convinced of the subtlety of effervescence.

They trusted us

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